Dhow sailing adventures in east Africa

Join us on a sailing adventure in an African vessel with no cabins, kitchen and toilet. A boat that was built on an African beach in a traditional way. We leave Zanzibar to meet with isolated villages, monkeys, fish and other African fauna. Sail on to Tanzania, enter the Rufiji river where we deal with hippos and strong tides. In an island called Mafia we encounter whale sharks and welcoming people. We sail back on a stormy weather while pumping buckets of water from our bilge. Our journey ends with Malaria and other wounds. Apparently the locals were having a bet about us coming back in one piece..

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Captain Mzungu part 4

The charts are black and white and over 100 years old. It is hard to tell land and mangroves from water. The water are not always clear, mangrove areas are rich in nutrients. All these facts makes the navigation very tricky and the differences in tides don’t help...

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Sailing to Pemba Island – part 2

Sailing from Zanzibar to Pemba Island on a wooden Dhow. Night sailing in the Indian Ocean with charts over 150 Y.O. Friendly villagers chasing howling monkeys, wild African nature and crazy sunsets.
Join us on our traditional African sailing Adventures.

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Getting ready part 1

The idea of sailing an Arabian Dhow seeded in my head while I was a marine sciences student and our botany professor told us about a project that he runs in Zanzibar. I had previous knowledge about these magnificent vessels from the national geographic magazine and...

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