Our Journey

Dubi & Seagal

Our journey

Dubi & Seagal

welcome to our journey, Seagal and Dubi.

lifelong travelers that love adventures and approach our life with open arms and hearts. the world is our home and we continue our Journey through life together. we are on a search for a home where we can live our lives our own way: grow food, use solar and wind power, drink the water that nature gives us and use, not abuse, the surrounding environment.

the seas and oceans are our biggest passion and sailing is the bear’s strongest addiction. sailing traditional vessels of all sorts thrill the strings of our hearts and the sound of live wooden boats makes us complete and at peace.

we start this journey in our beloved Greece and see where it takes us ~ along the way we will write about our adventures, dilemmas and all that we come to meet on this big change of living.  we will take you on adventurous journeys on traditional sailing vessels in Africa, the Caribbean, the Indian ocean and more. we believe in good and kindness and this brings many miraculous feedbacks as we get much love on our way. Join us on our miraculous journey through life of passion.


The sea was rough that day my friend part 2

Thunders explode in our ears and lightning lights up the Autumn sky. We are entering an unfamiliar port, most of the crew is on deck trying to identify the entrance to the marina on a dark night. The whole island of Trizonia looks haunted, the village is asleep and the marina lights are flashing (mostly off). The only lights to guide us in are lightning, for the first time in my life I am thankful for a thunderstorm.

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The sea was rough that day my friend part 1

Where will we end up if the engine stopped working right now? there are rocks a few miles on our port side and the wind is howling on our nose. The waves are crashing on our boat in many different directions and the crew is all seasick, but Seagal. We seem to make a really slow headway and I am always afraid that the engine will give us away to them hard cold rocks.

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Be Live

Everybody kept asking: What will we do for a living? Do you have a place to stay? We didn’t know, but we knew that by coming with open hearts and open arms, “miracles” will happen. So we gave away so many things that we accumulated through the years and packed much winter clothes for the road. We kissed everybody goodbye and in 09/10/2017 we landed in Paros.

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