My love for the big blue seas was always there. The seas keep coming and going in their own rhythm…     I started sailing at my early 20’s and never stopped. I fell in love with being in pure contact with all the ELEMENTS and the use of wind power to travel. My first voyages were on the Mediterranean Sea where I learned the wonders of sailing.

I than expanded my voyages to the Indian Ocean, sailing topsail schooners and catamarans and experienced my first ocean crossing. 3 years of college for my B.Sc. in marine sciences got me into teaching practical seamanship and theory for motor and sail boats/yachts, I found great joy in teaching what I love.

Then came my first Atlantic crossing. Caribbean sailing grounds followed with charter and private yachts. Then more crossings and more of our beautiful Med. sea. worldwide deliveries of yachts and own boat tuition were part of my life. Then came the Dead Sea project on a research vessel and service\tug work boats in Haifa’s new port. Sailing in South Africa and Brazil, captaining a 120ft. topsail schooner in the Seychelles and many months in my favorite sailing ground: Greece.

I always had the heart for traditional sailing which brought me on a 3 months adventure in Zanzibar and Africa on a wooden Dhow. Back again in the Caribbean I was a delivery captain and crew on super yachts and sailing yachts.  Bought my first yacht in the USA and brought her down to the Caribbean island of Antigua. during that voyage I fell in love with Caribbean wooden boats and sailed one with my friend Denis Dowling from St. Maarten to Newport USA – the longest sailing distance north for these type of boats done double handed.

Then I found a job in Antigua, the West Indies, driving a daily ferry to the beautiful sister island of Barbuda. During that time I raced Caribbean vessels on Antigua classics and the West Indies regatta. After spending 5 years in the Caribbean I came back to the Med. Sea sailing the Greek Islands and delivering boats across the Med. I found my true love and now sailing is even more connected to everything. Now I am ready to share my love for traditional sailboats around the world and ready to instruct you on how to run a sailing yacht with confidence and inner peace. I believe anyone can be a good captain, it’s just a matter of experience, confidence and the right teaching.

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