Do & Be Program

For skippers who want to be

As a novice Skipper I dreamed of the moment when I would feel an independent skipper. To be in the moment and experience the voyage, in peace of mind and security. To be a skipper who manages to “read the marine environment” and operates with full control of the situation. Skipper is not afraid to admit his mistakes and learn from them. Anyone who is not mistaken has nothing to learn and no one has.

My desire for the sea led me to special sailing adventures, challenging and teaching. Thus, from a deep acquaintance with Mother Nature and various vessels I received the knowledge and confidence to lead a ship peacefully. Learning at sea is a routine matter and I am happy to convey to you in a concentrated manner the knowledge I have accumulated in many beautiful years of sailing.

I created the Do & Be to give you the peace and security to take a yacht anywhere in the world and sail.


My experience in guiding the course

A sailing guide at the Ruppin Academic College, a practical sailing guide at the height of the wave, a sailing ןinstructor at a “chips” sailing school in Jaffa port, a personal guide of skippers on their yachts and a professional skipper on work boats and pleasure yachts.

To whom the course is intended

The courses are designed for skippers with a recognized certificate. skippers with more than 100 hours of actual sailing will be accepted.

What will happen in the course?

Out of the experience I have accumulated over the years, I have gathered some skills that I would like to receive as a beginner skipper and which I want to convey to you. Understanding and mastering them gives them confidence, control and proper action in advance. Knowing the limitations of our sailing vessel and the crew will help plan our true journey and peace of mind. In the course I always tell my students that it is their time to make mistakes and correct, I still have responsibility and I try to intervene only in the last second.

The course is designed to give you the right tools for you, each Skipper will take command, will be a staff member and will understand the complexity and ease of control of vessels and crew. The most important thing is to be and practice until you are not afraid anymore, ready for the family sailng we have always dreamed of. Certificate will be given at the end of the course

Skills essential to the security of the skipper

Engine maneuvering – deep understanding and daily practice, brake applications, docking, interpretation, cases and reactions, forecasting from ZA, planning and execution of a sailing route, advanced practical navigator, yachting in the mole, Keeping the vessel in order to protect us.


I invite you to come and sail with me, learn and get the tools that will help you take a yacht with family / friends and sail to the horizon.

Skippers and families course


We can arrange a course where you will sleep every night with families on the magical Ionian Islands. We will practice first light until late afternoon in the magical islands and bays in Corfu. Towards evening you will meet with the families. We will eat in authentic taverns with Greek music and dancing to the brave.

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