On June we were on our honeymoon in Greece and upon returning home we knew we have to be back in Greece a.s.a.p, this time to live here .We decided to come back at the end of the summer when we can meet the locals at ease and find out how is the winter in Greece. Now, Where exactly in Greece?  was the first question, we went from Crete to Corfu, Paros,  Amorgos, Samothraki and the list goes on. How do we choose? first thing we want to make clear: we are sunshine people, not snow. We had a few criteria: not too cold in the winter time, open minded people, winter with some life, not too hard to get to/from and a hospital nearby. So the die was cast and Paros was chosen. The weather looked a bit chilly, but we go for it. This is a starting point and from here everything is open to us.

Everybody kept asking: What will we do for a living? Do you have a place to stay? We didn’t know, but we knew that by coming with open hearts and open arms, “miracles” will happen. So we gave away so many things that we accumulated through the years and packed much winter clothes for the road. We kissed everybody goodbye and in 09/10/2017 we landed in Paros.

When in Israel we contacted a few people that were in Paros, some live there and others spend time there. Lady luck brought upon us a special man who was happy to answer any question we had and assured us that all will be O.K. When we asked him about a place to stay he said: “I am responsible for that”. we never met, but we had a good feeling about him and we decided to TRUST – the universe, that special person and ourselves. He asked us when will we be landing and we told him, but we never asked if he will be waiting for us, we go with trust. So we landed in Paros and there he was waiting for us, he asked:”How did you know I am coming?”, we answered: we just knew. We went with him to a café in Naousa and met his lovely family, than he took us to a stunning villa with amazing sea views and said: “this is your house until march, but you will need a car – so this is your car”, and he handed us the keys. we just met. So we have a family and a big brother taking care of us, Miracles do happen.


When we talk about miracles we see it as going with trust and open hearts, letting the universe show us the way, through a path that we vision. We don’t plan everything from a to z perfectly, because than many opportunities will pass us by and we will not be able to see them. We see miracles as things that are already out there, we know that we can tackle any “bad” surprises and be open for the good ones.

Everybody tells us it is VERY hard to find houses to rent for the whole year, even for the locals and that there are no houses to rent on the beach in Paros. But this is one of the main reasons we came here – to LIVE on the beach!!!     So one sunny day we decide to take a walk down to the beach and on the way we see a path that goes very close to the water, of course we take it. We fantasized of our beach coffee shop as we went past an old ruined house and not far in the distance we start seeing a few houses on the bay. But wait, this is impossible, there are no houses on the beach here, or maybe there are? We walk by and try to find a sign of life, none. We continue walking and find more little structures and what do you know? real live people talking and then looking at us. We asked them about the place and if there are houses for rent here and they warmly replied yes. But before you see it and recoil, come in our house and see what you can do with it. They have a sweet warm house in which they invested some time and money, but they can stay and rent for as long as they want. The landlord is a farmer and he passes by and gives them vegetables and fruit all the time – we eat mostly that. There is this to say: the house is small and is in need of  refurbishment and there is time and money to be put in the place, but it is 20 meters from the beach on a quiet bay with the crystal clear Greek water. The neighbors that welcomed us with such a loving hug helped us talk to the landlord (he speaks only Greek) and took us in their house to show us what we can do with ours. They were so helpful without even knowing us at all. wow, now our Greek family expands, and you know what – every day we find the warmth of the people on this island overwhelming.



We were not really sure in the beginning if Paros is the right place, but every day we love it more and more and feel so thankful and lucky to be in this reality. In a few days we are going on another Greek sailing adventure and the quiet winter of yoga and meditation we visioned is becoming full of events. When we come back we start renovating our dream house. Maybe we can take this sailing adventure to think about what just happened in the last three amazing weeks. What else is possible??? Believe in MAGIC