Do & Be program

As a novice Skipper I dreamed of the moment when I would be an independent skipper. To be in the moment and experience the voyage, in peace of mind and confidence.

I created the Do&Be program to give you the confidence and inner peace to take a yacht anywhere in the world and sail.

Out of the experience I have accumulated over the years, I have gathered some skills that I would like to receive as a beginner skipper and which I want to convey to you.

Understanding and mastering these skills gives confidence, control and keeps us prepared. Understanding the limitations of our sailing yacht and crew will help plan our journey and maintain peace of mind.

I invite you to come and sail with me. summer 2018, Greece. we are there!

Sailing vacation in beautiful Greece

where will you enjoy your next vacation?
we promise to make your vacation a one to remember!

15 years of experience in the charter industry comes a long way.
wake up in a beautiful bay, sip your coffee calmly on the deck of our yacht while the birds sing in your ears. visit the most beautiful Greek islands, enjoy the food and culture. Go swimming and snorkeling in the clearest turquoise water and caves or just chill under an umbrella. Go hiking and explore the great outdoors, then come back for a sun downer on our sea balcony.
The best vacation for a family or friends.
if you would like to learn how to drive our sailboat Dubi and Seagal will show you how, together as a team.

Come join us for sailing vacation you will never forget.
Summer 2018, Greece

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